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About me

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Hello! I am Carolyn Thombs a professional makeup artist and hair stylist living in the Northern Virginia area. I travel regularly to Charlottesville, Virginia, Philadelphia and New York City and am adding more cities every year. I look forward to getting to know each and every one of you and am ready to help create your perfect look. Now here is a little bit about how I approach the art of makeup and hair styling.

I am not just a Professional Makeup Artist, I approach each client and face as a piece of artwork. Each client is different and has different needs, therefore each piece is an original, translating their inner beauty to the surface for everyone to see. Each client is provided with an in-depth consultation ensuring that services provided to them are tailored to each client. I only use high quality products and am flexible as to each client's sensitivities.

I keep my talents varied because every client I work with is different and by keeping my skills attuned to different styles, I am able to meet their wishes. Practicing different styles and trying new products during editorial shoots, learning how to think on my toes and act quickly while working back stage during New York Fashion week or working with different personalities while on set of a music video; all of my past and current experiences have all made me the artist I am today. I continue to research new techniques and products to stay on top of my craft.

Check out the services pages to see what services I offer specifically.

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Carolyn Thombs


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